The merger between the Wireless Gigabit Alliance (WiGig) and the Wi-Fi Alliance took one step closer to completion as both groups participated in WiGig’s third plugfest at the TUV Rheinland facility in Pleasanton, Calif., from January 21 to January 24. It was WiGig’s first joint event with the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Members of both groups attended the four-day plugfest to test the multi-gigabit wireless technology in real-world conditions as part of their efforts to bring it closer to commercialization. TUV Rheinland provided testing equipment and laboratory space, as well as the expertise of its professionals.

The upcoming merger will unify the two groups under the Wi-Fi Alliance banner. The agreement builds on more than two years of collaboration between the organizations in which the WiGig Alliance developed the WiGig technology specification and the Wi-Fi Alliance initiated work to develop interoperability certification for 60-GHz products.

The 60-GHz technology is designed to address the specific requirements of various platforms and enable the broadest ecosystem of interoperable systems. WiGig also has been adapted to coexist with millions of wireless devices already used around the world. It doesn’t need to be retrofitted or adapted for future applications.

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