The Wi-Fi Alliance and the Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) Alliance will consolidate under the Wi-Fi Alliance banner. Over the past two years, the WiGig Alliance developed the WiGig technology specifications including MAC-PHY and protocol adaptation layers (PALs), and the Wi-Fi Alliance initiated work to develop an interoperability certification for 60-GHz products.

WiGig offers short-range multi-gigabit connections for applications ranging from high-definition WiGig Display Extensions (WDE) to peripheral connectivity and I/O cable replacement such as WiGig Serial Extension (WSE), WiGig Bus Extension (WBE), and WiGig SDIO Extension (WDS). Early 60-GHz implementations based on the WiGig specifications are entering the market now.

According to ABI Research, shipments of devices with Wi-Fi and WiGig technology will reach 1.8 billion by 2016.

“It’s clear that 60-GHz technology is an important part of the future of wireless connectivity and a significant complement to traditional Wi-Fi networking,” said Peter Cooney, practice director for semiconductors at ABI Research. “With so many devices expected to incorporate both traditional Wi-Fi an WiGig, it just makes sense for activities to consolidate under the Wi-Fi Alliance organization.”

The first Wi-Fi Alliance interoperability certification program for WiGig products is targeted to launch late this year. Under the terms of the memorandum of understanding, the groups will enter a period of diligence and planning with the intent to complete transition of both the technology development activity and WiGig assets to the Wi-Fi Alliance by the middle of 2013.

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