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Opera Launches Beta Version Of Android Browser 86
Opera for Android is now available in a beta version, including new and updated Discover, Speed Dial, Off-Road, History, and other features.
MEMS Microphone Market Tops 2 Billion Units 43
MEMS microphone shipments totaled 2.05 billion units in 2012, up 57% from 2011’s 1.3 billion total.
M2M Gateway Integrates LAN-To-WWAN Routing And GPS Functionality 53
The CG0192-11897 CloudGate M2M communications gateway from Option provides competitively priced LAN to WWAN routing and GPS functionality in a single SKU that uses the Option Gobi3000 multi-mode module.
Tizen Association Ramps Up New Mobile Platform 105
Android, iOS, and other mobile platforms soon will have new competition as the Tizen Association recently met to discuss the open-source, standards-based software platform’s recent progress and future.
PC Scopes Boast USB 3.0 Connectivity 80
The PicoScope 3207A and 3207B from Saelig are the first PC oscilloscopes on the market to include a USB 3.0 interface, supporting much higher data transfer rates and larger data stream captures.
Dual-Mode HD VoLTE Demonstrated 21
ST-Ericsson and Ericsson demonstrated the world’s first dual-mode HD VoLTE connection between LTE FDD and LTE TDD (TD-LTE) with China Mobile on Tuesday, February 26 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
Software Optimizes VoLTE And RCS Services
D2 Technologies now offers a downloadable version of its mCUE 4G IMS software client for VoLTE and RCS/joyn. The company also has commercialized its vPort 4G+ mCUE 4G VoLTE engine module for integration directly in LTE modem ICs.
Spammers Launch 350k Mobile Variants In 2012 8
Mobile spam attacks are growing in number and sophistication, with more than 53,000 unique variants in December 2012 alone.
Peregrine Semiconductor DTCs Target 4G LTE Antenna Tuning 23
Six devices designed for antenna tuning in 4G LTE smart phones have joined the DuNE digitally tunable capacitor (DTC) line from Peregrine Semiconductor.
Front-End Solution Enables Single, Global LTE Designs 28
The Qualcomm RF360 front-end solution addresses cellular radio frequency band fragmentation and enables a single, global 4G LTE design for mobile devices that supports all seven cellular modes.
FCC Report & Order Promotes Signal Boosters 15
A recent report and order from the Federal Communications Commission aims to promote the use of commercial and industrial signal boosters to improve wireless coverage without increasing interference.
Automated Testing System Reaches From Field To Lab 5
The Azimuth Systems Device Automation & Control (DAC) system provides a common tool set and methodology across test environments, addressing the requirements of both lab-based and field-based test organizations.
Envelope-Tracking Power-Amplifier Linearity Record Set Without DPD 16
Nujira has used its Isogain technique to linearize an LTE handset RF PA in combination with its Coolteq ET power supply modulator to achieve an ACPR better than –50 dBc and 60% efficiency with an LTE waveform, all without DPD.
MMMB ET Reference Design Suits 4G Smart-Phone RF Front Ends 30
Nujira’s Woodstock 16-band multimode, multiband (MMMB) envelope tracking (ET) reference design overcomes the energy efficiency and frequency band challenges faced by mobile operators and handset OEMs since the introduction of 4G.
Market Analysts Remain Optimistic About BlackBerry’s Future 14
The BlackBerry 10 mobile OS may be enough to separate the company’s Z10 and Q10 from the pack of Apple and Samsung smart phones, according to industry analysts.