About Us

Mobile Dev & Design (MD&D) is the leading source for news, tutorials and reviews for mobile handset and Internet device designers. MD&D offers unique content focused on new applications and design across the mobile development ecosystem. It also provides content that drills deep into technology while illuminating how new applications and functionalities affect interdependent functions along the mobile continuum. This in-depth site focuses on functions and technologies that include but go beyond wireless communications: audio and video decoding and fidelity; voice recognition; display technologies; imaging and video integration; memory and data storage; and much more.


Penton’s Design Engineering & Sourcing Group

Mobile Dev & Design is part of the Penton Design Engineering & Sourcing group at Penton.

The DES group is the industry leader reaching the decision makers responsible for designing the cars we drive, the planes we fly in, the electronics we depend on, and the medical devices that extend our lives. They turn to the Design Engineering & Sourcing group brands for news, ideas, applications, and technical education. We provide trusted, industry leadership through innovative print, web products, and events reaching the core EOEM and OEM markets. Our group can guide and assist everyone from design engineers to specifiers.  

We are where technology comes first. While Electronic Design, Machine DesignMedical Design, Power Electronics, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, and Microwaves & RF provide key design information to design engineers, SourceESB unites various distributors in one place. Our goal is to focus on “the user”--to be usable, useful, and unified and to provide marketers with the most innovative and effective ways to engage with this crucial audience from intent to action.